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january january January calendar
February February February calendar
march march March calendar
tsp-legend   = Search Party time to hire.
others-legend   = Average industry time to hire.

Set the recruitment fee you're willing to pay

Decide how much you want to pay and what guarantees­­­ you would like. Recruiters­­­ screen and engage candidates­­­ on your behalf. You interview and decide on cultural fit.

When everyone does what they’re best at and uses Search Party technology­­­ to streamline­­­ the process, recruitmen­­­t becomes more efficient for everyone involved. The result? You pay less and recruiters­­­ place their candidates­­­ faster. It's a win-win.

Outside sales person
Travel Industry
36 hours7%
Front end developer
Design Agency
3 days10%
Support engineer
Information Technology
11 days15%
Collections officer
12 days13%
Industry Average60 days15-30%

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Search Party supports every stage of the recruitment process online. You can shortlist, schedule interviews and even make employment offers. You control how and when you interact with recruiters.

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Search Party Customer Success Stories

It’s much easier and quicker to find the talent we need.

Robert Hatcher
Director, Creative Steam

Ultimately it has provided us with a smarter, faster and cheaper way to recruit.

Margaret Semrani
Talent Manager, Brand Influence Group

How Search Party Works

We've harnessed the power of data science and machine learning and paired it with the insight and service of high quality recruitment agencies.

The result? A faster, cheaper and easier way to hire.

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Hiring and Recruiting Resources

Our customers aren't just HR professionals. They're department heads, C-level leaders and jacks-of-all-trades. To help everyone master the art of hiring, we're constantly producing helpful resources to help you hire better. For example:

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